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TasteeBQ Discovers the Magic of Cocoa in Costa Rica- Cafe Mocha Recipes for National Chocolate Day

courtesy of http://www.TasteeBQ.com Note- For National Chocolate Day- Oct. 28, this is a short story from The Adventures of TasteeBQ.  It explains the time honored process of making Chocolate by the Bribri Tribe in Talamanca Costa Rica. Bonus video has Guide showing some technique used by Shaman. Also, Home Recipes for Cafe Mocha. Enjoy. Making […]

TasteeBQ, Chinese Fried Rice, Costa Rica

TasteeBQ, Chinese Fried Rice, Costa Rica Check out TasteeBQ’s take on Chinese Food leftovers, Chicago style Fried Rice and Costa Rican Breakfast. Enjoy.

Cocoa Tree in Costa Rica

Our Hero recently returned from a mission in Costa Rica, where he discovered the Magic of Cocoa. Full story coming soon…